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Newvo AquaFloat Pen  
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Newvo AquaFloat Pen
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Newvo 3D AquaFloat Pen
Premium Scroll Pen
Premium 3D AquaFloat Pen
Premium AquaFloat Pen  
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AquaFloat Pens is a leading manufacturer of affordable custom Floaty Pens and products. For
over 65 years Floaty Pens have been used for promotions and souvenirs. With our AquaFloat Pens
we are able to personalized your corporate, city or municipal brand as a give away or for retail sales.
Another popular way is to add your own 3D items inside a floaty pen. AquaFloat Pens are designed
to last for years as a keepsake.
Our Floaty Pen prices and quality are some of the best in the industry. A Swedish manufacturer has
questioned the quality of their competitors. The best way to solve this issue is to request samples
from us and them and you be the judge.
For more information please call us at 828-891-1204 or Email.
AquaFloat Pens are part of a family of innovative promotional products that include PopCards, Scroll Pens and Blinking Badges.
Please visit these sites and see how they can fit your promotion.
The Premium is our highest quality floaty pen.
Offering chrome metal accents. Choose your
barrel color and colored tip. Ink colors are
black and blue. Guaranteed to give your brand
a lasting impact.
The Newvo’s modern design is a great value
for a floaty pen. Choose your own barrel and
colored tip. Ink colors are black and blue. An
affordable choice for a lasting impression.
AquaFloat Floaty Pen Select between 1, 2 and 3 panel sliders an